Municipal Advising

Municipal Advising

Every municipality will receive an advisor who will analyze, prescribe, and execute financial solutions aligned with the client’s best interest. We pride ourselves in the highly-personalized and customized services to every municipality.

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Municipal Advisor Services & Public Finance

  • Feasibility or Pro Forma Analysis
  • Continuing Disclosure Compliance
  • Monitor applicable local, state, and federal funding sources and legislative issues
  • Data Analytics Dashboards & Statistical Analysis
  • External Communications and Local Community Engagement
  • Preparation and/or Modernization of Internal Policies
  • Ongoing financial markets updates & their potential (or current)
    effects on clients debt and/operations
  • Local training and seminars on capital projects, debt strategies, etc.
  • Credit Rating Analysis and Advice
  • Debt Structuring
  • Debt Offering Documentation
  • Capital Planning